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Shilajit is one of the strongest herbal aphrodisiac herbal supplements that help in enhancing and manifolding the male libido so that he may last longer and stronger in bed. Divya Shilajit considered as one of the best Shilajit available anywhere in the world. It is directly sourced from Himalayas and is organic in origin. Shilajit has numerous health benefits. In Sanskrit Shilajit means the “Conquer of the mountains”. Ancient Ayurvedic texts go praises with this miraculous herb as this herb has so many benefits. In shastra is treated so high that it is said in Vedas that it can make a dead man walking. Recent researches conducted all round the globe establishes the health benefits of Shilajit as it is very effective in so many diseases. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac and also improves general health.

Benefits of Divya Shilajit by Swami Ramdev

A powerful and effective aphrodisiac agent that promotes the sexual powers and endurance. It also helps in achieving the optimum pleasure a human body can achieve.

It is a wonderful anti diabetic agent. These days doctors are prescribing Shilajit to most of the diabetic patients as it helps in stimulating the pancreas to secret insulin, the most important hormone to control diabetes.

Due to its antiseptic and anti bacterial properties, Shilajit is also regarded as a natural antifungal agent.

Shilajit holds high ranks as an anti-inflammatory agent. Shilajit helps in reducing all kinds of inflammation in the body thus extremely beneficial in conditions like arthritis, back pains, headaches, swellings, kidney diseases etc.

It is also a good and effective supplement in rheumatism also.

There is no doubt that Shilajit is a special heath supplement and prestigious anti-oxidant. It eats ups all the free radical and promotes anti aging. It also helps in reducing the cell death due to which aging process occurs. It help sin detoxifying the body thus reducing the wrinkles and other signs of aging.,

It also pumps up the brain activity and enhances the memory skills.

It promotes fertility factor and increases sperm count/. It also enhances the sperm motility.

Shilajit acts great on the respiratory tract. All kinds of respiration problems can be resolved by Divya Shilajit. It helps in evading asthmatic problems, influenza, bronchitis etc. It also helps in treating fever.

It also is helpful in relieving from pain and also promotes wound healing

It is also helpful in reliving from stress and anxiety problems


1 – 2 capsules with glass of warm water twice a day.  Patients suffering from high blood pressure should take this medicine in reduced dosages.

1 pack – 20 tablets

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