More about KAPHA Organic Seasoning Mix

KAPHA – The BEST FEATURE of this Organic Seasoning Mix is that it not only seasons your meal (ie. sprinkling on any kind of food or cooking your favourite Dahl!) but the Ayurvedic Herbs give you the INSTANT benefits of their amazing qualities!

PERSONAL – I LOVE… this Seasoning Mix during this cool Winter season. I sprinkle this Durga Mix on anything & everything I’m eating.  Delicious!⠀

Alternatively, it may be hard at first to accustom yourself to having the seasoning with a glass of warm water but once you brave it out, it is worth it….⠀

The KAPHA Seasoning Mix has a strong aroma like all the Mixes, nothing has been glorified in the mix to alter the taste to appease the customer. It is about the qualities of the heating herbs & spices & the benefits it has in turn to our body and mind.   Don’t worry it tastes so good!

I’ve included below a couple of the ingredients of the KAPHA Organic Seasoning Mix.  See previous KAPHA Ingredients in Depth post for further information.

BIBITAKI traditional uses – improving immunity, digestive problems, respiratory, cough & cold, relieving mucus, liver problems, eye problems and for healing wounds faster. ⠀

BRAHMI -⠀ Stress, Anxiety, Enhances brain function, Lowers inflammation, Enhances digestion, Boosts immunity.

With the hot potency of the herbs & spices the Seasoning Mix it heats your body which will speed up your metabolism.

Herbs and Spices have been used for thousands of years. They each have their own benefit in supporting the body and mind. Little do we know in the present day the amazing qualities they possess. ⠀

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