Let’s go back to the OLD WAYS….

Use Herbs & Spices to prepare warm foods like so many cultures still do today….

For a long time, herbs & spices have been very highly appreciated and they are part of numerous ancient traditions, which are usually still practiced today. The traditional cultures actually prize highly spices and herbs not only for their flavour but also for medicinal & healing properties spices & herbs bring to food. ⠀

Traditional medicine has been using herbs and spices for centuries to treat common ailments and now modern science is starting to support some of these theories.⠀

In different cultures around the world cold food and beverages are still not part of norm on a daily basis. In Chinese & Indian culture in particular, cold beverages are believed to be harmful to digestion, so items like ice-cold water or soft drinks are traditionally not served at meal-times. Besides soup, if any other beverages are served, they would most likely be hot tea or hot water. Tea is believed to help in the digestion of greasy foods.⠀

Using herbs & spices also aids in digestion due to their numerous attributes, beneficial in our overall gut health.

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