How does the cold weather affect your CAR BATTERY?

Just like an old Car Battery we need to warm it up in order for it to get going when it is cold. Our bodies are the same, when they cool down it is ideal to warm them up on the inside and outside!⠀

On the inside using heating herbs & spices like our Kapha Organic Seasoning Mix will do the trick! ⠀

Kapha Seasoning Mix will warm your insides, invigorate, stimulate & energise you!

Perfect for when you are feeling slow, sluggish & lethargic! Perfect in the Winter!⠀

Heating herbs & spices have the qualities to be heating on the inside but this does not mean they are extremely spicy to taste.⠀

Please visit our website – for further information on our stockists that carry our latest range – Ayurvedic Seasoning Mixes or shop online!⠀⠀

Herbs and Spices have been used for thousands of years. They each have their own benefit in supporting the body. Little do we know in the present day the amazing qualities they possess.⠀⠀

The Spice Trading Company do not claim to prevent, diagnose, cure or alleviate a disease, disorder or a condition. We are simply advising the benefits of herbs and spices and they may be therapeutic in nature.

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