DON’T LOSE IT! Pitta Seasoning – calm your mind & body!

IS LIFE GETTING ON TOP OF YOU? Are you feeling hot, bothered, impatient and are your children stressing you out? OUR Pitta ORGANIC SEASONING MIX will assist!⠀ ⠀

With the Cooling Herbs & Spices Pitta Seasoning will calm your mind and body.⠀ Even during Winter we experience bothered and stress states where the body heats up and we carry too much hot blooded energy with redness on our skin and inflammation in our bodies.⠀

AMALAKI – Amalaki Fruit – is one of the most potent herbal rejuvenatives used in Ayuveda as it is rich in both Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. In fact Amalaki contains more Vitamin C than any other fruit in the entire world!⠀ It boosts your energy & immunity.⠀ ⠀ ⠀

BRAHMI – Brahmi being one of the main ingredients in our “Pitta” Organic Seasoning Mix, your mind and body are quickly calmed down and any stressed feeling is lifted. Brahmi promotes comfort & enhances brain function as well. Perfect for intense times!⠀⠀

Using our Pitta Seasoning mix mixed through your meal, sprinkling Pitta Seasoning on top of your meals or alternatively mixing 1/2 tsp with 1/2-1 glass warm water throughout the day is ideal for cooling & calming your mind & body! You will feel the effects immediately!⠀

The Spice Trading Company do not claim to prevent, diagnose, cure or alleviate a disease, disorder or a condition. We are simply advising the benefits of herbs and spices and they may be therapeutic in nature.

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