Are you feeling VATA? Our VATA Seasoning Mix may assist you!

VATA Seasoning Mix

Vata people tend to have the following attributes, does this sound like you? 

  1. Are you creative and are prone to daydreaming? Flexible, expansive?
  2. Do you have the ability to learn quickly, have an impulsive nature?
  3. Do you have sleep disturbances?
  4. Do you communicate well speaking quickly?
  5. Do you have gut problems including constipation, bloating, gas?
  6. Are you very active physically and do a lot of physical work without getting tired?
  7. Are you often cold and need layers of clothes to keep yourself warm?
  8. Attracted to sweet foods?
  9. Sometimes lack vision and can be indecisive? 
  10. Suffer from anxiety and worry?
  11. Your skin can be extremely dry, skin and hair can be prone to cracking.
  12. Very tall and slim or very short.
  13. Small narrow head, forehead and face, thin lips and sometimes a nose that is long and crooked?

If the above description sounds like you, it is possible you have what Ayurveda – the ancient Indian Science of Health and Wellbeing – refers to as predominantly a Vata-type constitution.

Foods that are great for balancing Vata, in general, are sweet, sour and salty in taste.  Sour and salty are also moistening and building – they hold fluids in, which is good for Vata, and they are also heat producing flavours, which benefits cold Vata.

The Spice Trading Company’s VATA SEASONING MIX is ideal to use after meals to assist with digestion.  Mix ½ tsp of Seasoning with warm water and drink.  Alternatively, Vata Seasoning can be used in your cooking or sprinkle on top of meals.  Vata Seasoning herbs & spices are warming in nature so not only will assist with gut problems ie bloating, wind but will also warm your insides.  Brahmi is one of the main ingredients in our VATA SEASONING MIX.  Brahmi calms the mind & body – affinities for calming the nervous system.  Perfect for when you are feeling anxious or stressed.  Our Vata Seasoning Mix may assist with these conditions as the carminative herbs & spices soothes and settles the gut wall, easing gripping pains and helping in the removal of gas from the digestive tract.

Vata Seasoning Mix is an Ayurvedic blend of herbs & spices.  Please see the VATA Seasoning Ingredients in Depth.

Vata can be predominant in late Autumn and Winter.

For further information on Vata Imbalances in the body, please see below –


Imbalanced Vata person experience constipation, suffer from insomnia, Increased forgetfulness, experiences discomfort and pain in the joints.

Imbalanced Vata in the body makes dry, rough and thin skin.

An imbalanced Vata person becomes underweight, worried, restless or aggitated.

A person becomes easily fatigued when Vata in the body becomes Imbalanced.

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