Are you feeling PITTA? Our PITTA Seasoning Mix may assist you!

PITTA Seasoning Mix

Pitta people tend to have the following attributes, does this sound like you? 

  1. Can have flushed hot skin, short tempered or quick to anger.  Inclined to be argumentative.
  2. Sharp body and mind, speech, sharp learning ability.
  3. Inclined to sweat a lot
  4. Can eat a lot – strong digestive system
  5. Gets cranky when hungry
  6. Can be subject to Inflammations in the body including skin dis-orders ie. acne, cysts, eczema, ulcers & boils
  7. Hair greys prematurely
  8. Very determined and will achieve anything they put their minds to.
  9. Very competitive – make great athletes
  10. Very ambitious

If the above description sounds like you, it is possible you have what Ayurveda – the ancient Indian Science of Health and Wellbeing – refers to as predominantly a Pitta-type constitution.

Foods that are great for balancing Pitta, in general, are sweet, bitter & astringent in taste which are cooling and refreshing and Pitta’s are aggravated by sour, salty and pungent tastes.  Most bitter and astringent foods are plant-based. 

The Spice Trading Company’s PITTA SEASONING MIX is ideal to use after meals to assist with digestion.  Mix ½ tsp of Seasoning with luke warm water and drink.  Alternatively, Pitta Seasoning can be used in your cooking or sprinkle on top of meals.  Pitta Seasoning can be used through-out the day to cool your mind and body down especially when feelings stressed or after heavy exercise.  Pitta Seasoning herbs & spices are cooling in nature so not only will assist with gut problems and inflammation but will also cool your body down. 

Brahmi is one of the main ingredients in our PITTA SEASONING MIX .  Brahmi calms the mind & body – affinities for calming the nervous system.  Perfect for when you are feeling stressed. 

Our Pitta Seasoning Mix assists with cooling your body.  It will instantly work on your body temperature.  Keeping your body as cool as possible may also help you prevent heat-related illnesses in the future.

Amalaki – is a common Ayurvedic medicine for acid reflux treatment.  Our PITTA SEASONING MIX ’s main ingredient is Amalaki so this may assist with acidity in your body.  Amalaki has healing properties such as anti-inflammatory benefits.

Pitta Seasoning Mix is an Ayurvedic blend of herbs & spices.  Please see the PITTA Ingredients in Depth & the Benefits.

Pitta can be predominant in late Spring and Summer.

For further information on Pitta Imbalances in the body, please see below –


Imbalanced Pitta in body causes stomach intestinal ulcers, acne, eczema and other skin diseases such as abscesses, as well as liver infections.

Imbalanced Ptta in body easily causes sunburns, heartburn, diarrhea, nausea.

Strong anger, agitation as a stress response, teeth sensitivity.

Burning sensation in eyes, skin, mouth, yellow or excess urine, excess sweat, flushed nose, cheeks, or ears, bloodshot eyes or yellow in eyes (and skin), acne or skin rashes, nosebleeds or excess bleeding, smelly feet, armpits, or a general sour smell to the body.

A Pitta aggravated person becomes over analyzing, tunnel vision with goal-orientated behaviour, self-critical, obsessive or compulsive thinking, jealousy, hatred, desire to seek revenge.

Liver issues, blood issues, Inflammation in general, fever, heat and agitation with sleep.

Small intestine/digestive acid issues, burnouts.

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